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Our Services

At Melbourne City Tiling, we specialise in tiling, waterproofing, bathroom renovations, skirting,
tile removals and screed. The extensive range of services we provide are available throughout
Melbourne and outer suburbs, ensuring that our skilled team are able to meet your needs. The
top-quality products we use guarantee the best results as well as customer satisfaction.
Melbourne City Tiling’s experience and skill in tiling is evident in our work. Our large selection of
products and choices when determining your design and tile type gives our clients the perfect
look and durability.
We cater to all or any of our client’s requirements and we install a variety of tiles, which include
Ceramic, Porcelain, Cement, Marble, Mosaic, Granite, Slate and many more types of tiles. We
can also take on the demolition or removal of old tiles and replace them with new surfaces with
the use of professional grade materials.
Choosing the tile that matches the colour scheme of your home can be difficult, but our team of
qualified professionals can assist you in creating or transforming your house by adding to its
visual appeal.

Key Points About Company 

We also specialise in all around waterproofing services and we provide the best solutions for any wet areas. With reliable and stress free service, we use the latest products to ensure great results when waterproofing areas. Our experts can tackle any area of your home, whether it’s your bathrooms, floors, or walls. At Melbourne City Tiling we can adapt to many waterproofing methods such as Cementitious Waterproofing, Liquid Waterproofing Membrane, Bituminous Coating, Polyurethane Liquid Membrane and many more. Our expertise in tiling also contributes to a unique and more suitable approach to waterproofing. 

Skirtings assist in protecting your walls from everyday wear and we install a range of skirting boards which are high quality and the leading products. Our materials used for skirtings also vary as every client is able to choose or alter the look of the final product. We are also familiar with modern skirting, which is a contemporary trend that features minimalistic details and simple designs. The designs are available in a range of thicknesses and heights as well as standard designs. The types of wood may also differ depending on the client’s wishes and the types of wood may include softwood, which includes Hemlock or Cedar, or hardwood, such as Bamboo or Oak.   

At Melbourne City Tiling, our bathroom renovations include the complete service, from installing or removing tiling to waterproofing and screeding. Errors when attempting to fix or renovate your bathroom yourself can be costly and for that reason, calling our experts to do the job for you can pay off and it’s an investment for years to come. Our team of professionals will assist you through the whole process of bathroom renovations, from demolishing existing appliances to design, planning and installation. For low rates, we will take on the responsibility of sketches, modifications, alterations, leveling, waterproofing, screeding, skirting, installation or removal of tiles and much more. We are able to inspect the area and provide quotes to fix existing damage and for repairs. Our fully licensed tilers and waterproofers are flexible and inventive when creating your perfect bathroom.  

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